District 6 faces a wide variety of issues and concerns. From Parkville to Towson, to Overlea and Rosedale, District 6 deserves equity, inclusion, transparency, and attention to the problems that impact YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY.

Public Safety

Given Caitlin’s experience as a community leader, she knows how strong the need is for improvements to public safety and for helping to strengthen our resident-police relationships. Her goals are to:

  • Reinvest in corridors and communities
  • Create a civilian-staffed Office of Community Engagement to expand Baltimore County Police Department’s Community Outreach Department, that live in and look like the community the precincts are in, providing a link to communities and their needs
  • Reopen PAL Centers – Police Athletic League Centers – and provide student transportation to and from them
  • Work to create Teen Centers that provide our teens with evening and weekend activities, as well as providing resources such as food, tutoring, mental health support, and more

Smart & Equitable Redevelopment 

Caitlin understands the need for equitable and smart redevelopment in our older communities. District 6 has several areas that should be designated a Main Street. Caitlin will work to bring small businesses back to these communities, as well as grocery stores and other food resources to ensure nowhere in the district becomes a food desert. She will:

  • Work closely with local groups and constituents to create a plan for Rosedale community revitalization
  • Review and implement the Overlea-Fullerton Community Plan
  • Continue redevelopment of the Loch Raven and Towson Business Districts 
  • Partner with state officials and help ensure districtwide ADA accessibility
  • Inspect and renovate failing intersections
  • Obtain funding to help the Natural History Museum be the to-go-to museum of Baltimore County

Code Enforcement

As the district’s representative to the Baltimore County Code Enforcement Task Force, Caitlin realizes the frustrations many residents have had with Code Enforcement. While Baltimore County has started to implement some changes recommended by the task force, we have a long way to go to better service the residents of Baltimore County. Together, we will:

  • Help curb illegal signs littering communities
  • Bolster community composting
  • Pursue rehabilitating long-abandoned houses
  • Hire more code enforcement officers
  • Revisit the auxiliary officers code enforcement program
  • Create a code enforcement division for businesses
  • Develop bilingual code-related resources


Caitlin attended Baltimore County Public Schools from elementary through high school, and she understands the great importance of our teachers and staff in BCPS. We must ensure that every student in Baltimore County and in District 6 has equitable access to the education that they deserve. We must:

  • Increase teacher pay and provide resources for educators, including a mentorship program for new and struggling educators
  • Work toward providing an in-house mental health professional in every school
  • Create a trade school program within District 6
  • Continue to improve school overcrowding and get our students out of trailers
  • Review and enhance school buildings to ensure the best educational setting for students
  • Continue funding for free/reduced meals for students, moving toward free meals for ALL students
  • Go further with developer impact fees to ensure that money is going to Baltimore County Public School students

Green Space and Parks

Caitlin understands how valuable our green space is. Caitlin has advocated for multiple parks in District 6, successfully worked on and testified for major improvements at Linover Park, and testified for the downzoning of multiple parks to Neighborhood Commons. As councilwoman, Caitlin will continue the work to improve our greenspace. She intends to:

  • Raise funds for the North East Bicycle Trail
  • Establish a Towson green space/park
  • Require developers to set aside greenspace for communities
  • Downzone existing greenspace
  • Introduce legislation to prevent Baltimore County from selling existing parks and designated greenspace
  • Gain funding for improvements to preserve and improve Holt Park and work to make it one of the to-go-to places in District 6
  • Work on tree replacement and additions to Allegheny Avenue and Towson